Eira Enkvist

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Eira Enkvist (1986) was born in Tampere, Finland. She graduated 2009 as a bachelor in Fine Arts from Novia in Nykarleby, Finland. After her bachelor she moved to Ghent, Belgium, and graduated as a MA of Fine Arts in 2012. After her Master she worked in Finland as a teacher in Fine Arts on high school level for a couple of years, and was active as vice chairman (2013), chairman (2014) and gallery coordinator (2014) for Rajataide ry. After that she spent a few more years in Belgium, where she was active at Filem’On, Brussels film festival for children (2016-2018). In December 2016 she did a residency in Haihatus in Finland, and in April 2017 a residency at the Fish Factory in Iceland. In October 2017 she was invited for a residency in Petrozavodsk, Russia. For the moment she is working for Arx, the cultural centre for youth in Hämeenlinna, as a culture producer and media art teacher. Her art is mainly video art, but sometimes in combination with installation art. Her works can sometimes be videos like paintings, but mostly they are longer projects in the genre of Expanded Documentary. Interviews and reality are the bottom for her work. The truth will always be subjective, but let it at least be honestly so.




Last updated: December 2018