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&quotNo, you were in her house" End of Summer 2013 Dance 2012 And then they were gone 2009

"No, you were in her house" 2012

What does nature mean to you? Is there another dimension to it than the one that reaches our eyes? Is nature part of everyone's daily life, voluntarily or involuntarily? And is it possible to measure that or compare it? In what way? What is nature? Is not the whole world and everything that exists nature? Is there anything unnatural or supernatural?

I stayed in a small cottage in a forest for three days, I interviewed people in Finland and in Belgium, I stayed overnight in an abandoned house. I took my camera everywhere and tried to capture the moments and feelings there and then. There is no duration as the viewer him-/herself edits the material. It is an installation formed by nine short videos shown on separate screens, creating their own characters and islands.

Picture 1Detail from exhibition

Picture 2Exhibition view from Trial

Picture 3Video still